Monday, August 24, 2009

New Address!

We are changing our blog address! I really don't like blogger so I am switching to Word Press. Our new address is! Hopefully we will see you there!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our Story

I have couple friends that have posted how they met their husbands and became engaged over the past few weeks and I love hearing people's stories so I thought I would post ours so I could actually remember it someday. This may be boring and long to most but I need to write it down before I am too old to remember everything. Plus I never mentioned our 7th Anniversary which was last month so I guess this can take place of that.

Tyler's family moved into our ward when I was 9 years old and our families quickly became good friends. We would have dinners together and soon started spending more time together. I started having a crush on Tyler that would go in waves for many, many years. He also said it was the same for him. But that was news to me as he did not give off any signals.

We went to different high schools and dated other people. But we always had fun together and our families started taking summer vacations together. I always looked forward to hanging out with them and Tyler or course. Some mutual friends started dating our senior year and so we stated hanging out even more. We hung out a couple times during the summer and then both headed off to the same college. Ricks College. He got there a few weeks early to play football and we ended up running into him when my parents and I got there. We took him to dinner and I remember he wouldn't shut up. He was more talkative than I had even seen him. He said he was just so happy to see a familiar face.

School started and we ended up being in the same ward. Crazy. There are tons of wards there and we end up in the same one! Still nothing happened right away. We did our own thing most of the semester and made new friends and had fun. I really stated liking him more at this point but he was really indifferent so I moved on and of course when I did he started being interested in me! He started hanging out more and more with my friends and our apartment. I even went to his Great-Grandma's house for dinner in Idaho Falls.

We ended up going on a date to a dance with his friends and I knew he wanted to kiss me but I was so nervous because we had known each other for so long so I booked it out of the car without giving him a chance. (I still do that) :) But I finally let him the day before Thanksgiving Break. He didn't go home for Thanksgiving so I had to think about it all week and wonder what he was thinking. But We pretty much started dating from then on. We went home for summer and ended up breaking up for a few weeks. I seriously thought I was going to die. It felt like someone kicked my insides out. I had never felt like that before. We got back together and had a great summer together hanging out and going to the Lake a lot. I left for school in the Fall and he got ready to go on his mission in the winter. He left on Feb.23, 2000.

We wrote his whole mission. Almost every week. I finished Ricks and went to BYU-H. 6 months before he came home I moved to Sacramento and finished my BA and applied to the teaching program. Those 6 months flew by and before I knew it I was going with my Dad to SF to get Tyler from the airport. His parents went to France to get him so it was just us two. It was so great to see him! There was no hugging or touching since he was a missionary still. But we went to dinner at IHOP and then headed home. I headed up to Redding a few days later. The rest is pretty much history. After we spent that weekend together I knew we would be getting married. I told my Mom that I had already forgotten how hard the last 2 years had been and things were just as they should be. Things moved fast from there. We got engaged in Utah about a month later.

We were married on July 12, 2002 in the Oakland Temple. And all those years of having a crush on him and then later years of dating and more waiting were very worth it!!

EDITED: Tyler read this for me and his only comment was: "I forgot we went to IHOP! Mmmmmmm!" That's Tyler.

Should I Be Worried??

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Kindergarten Baby

Hailee started Kindergarten this week! I can't believe it! She was just a tiny baby! She was so excited and she has loved it so far. She even has 2 of her friends in class with her! She goes in the afternoon class and so I get some time to do errands with just Cohen and then some time alone while he naps. It works out great for both of us. Plus I had no desire to get her there everyday at 7:50. I went to Back to School Night tonight and it seems like it will be a great year with both her teachers. They even get to have P.E., library time, and computer lab time. She will love every second of it. I signed up to be Co-Room-Parent with another Mom. We'll see if I regret that later. :) But I think it will be fun.
When she came home on Monday it was hard to get info out of her about her day. All she would say was that she learned to read. Ok....Funny girl! I think it will be a great year!

P.S. I was so mad that I forgot my camera at my parent's last week and had to take pics with my phone! Luckily it works pretty good for a phone! But still...

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Hailee's Birthday Party

This year we had a birthday party for Hailee at our house. She wanted to have a candy buffet like we had at Kathryn's baby shower so instead of a pinata we did that. I decorated in bright colors and ballons and I don't think I am too artsy so it wasn't that exciting but Hailee thought so and that is what counts. She came downstairs after I was done and she says "it looks like a miracle in here!" HA! Since it is so hot in July our generous friend let us borrow her huge water slide and it was a huge hit. The girls were on it almost the whole time. We also did an art project and made hot fudge sundaes in these fun pink sundae cups that I found at the Dollar Store. The little girls loved to be able to take them home as well as a bag of candy. The party was easy and inexpensive and I think they all really had a good time. And they were all polite and well-behaved. Hailee is lucky to have such nice friends! Here are some pictures from the party!!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Hailee had a playdate the other day and I let them take a picture of each other with my camera and here is how they turned out! One is blurry but still cute. Funny girls!

Monday, July 20, 2009


I went with Tyler's family too see Wicked on Saturday in San Francisco! It was so awesome! I just loved it. I am trying to go see it again in Sept with Tyler and hopefully my parents. I came home and bought the soundtrack and have been playing it. Hailee likes some of the songs too! Thanks to Tyler for watching the kids all day and to Tyler's parents for organizing it! Also thanks to Whitney for finding us great seats!! It was a fun day!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Hailee is 5!!

I can't believe she is 5 years old! Hailee's 5th birthday was on Friday. We were camping and had a little party with her cousins but I don't have the pics yet because Tyler's mom took them. But it was a day full of swimming, presents, pinata, and cupcakes. We said she had a great day. We were shocked because she got a lot of clothes (which I love) and we were not sure what she would think, but she was totally excited!

Here are some fun facts about Hailee:

*She loves the summer. She has loved being able to swim almost every day, go to the park, zoo, lots of time at her grandparents, and camping. She is actually still camping right now.
*She loves art projects and working on school work. She picks up on things fast and I cannot believe she starts Kindergarten in 4 weeks!!
*She can beasty sometimes, but does have that very sweet side too.
*She is STUBBORN!!
*Loves to bake and help clean.
*Will only wear dresses and skirts.
*Loves her brother Cohen and is very good to him. I hope they will always get along.
*Has endless energy.
*Is full of questions. Sometimes they make my head hurt.
*Loves her friends, even when she is not nice to them. :)
*Will try almost anything once.
*Loves all her grandparents, uncles, aunts and cousins. She is lucky to have so many that love her.

A Fantastic Fourth!

This is a little late, but still wanted to post about it. We had a great 4th. I went on a run early that morning with a friend visiting from Utah and some local ones as well. Later that evening our friends hosted a fun BBQ and swim party. There was tons of good food, a great fireworks display, and good company. Cohen didn't like the fireworks, but Hailee loved them!! She keeps asking when it is going to be the 4th of July again. It was a great Old-Fashioned Fourth of July!